Why Choose Laura

Choosing the right team for your wedding day is a big task. Especially since most people haven’t gone through the process of planning a wedding before. And when it comes to photography there is so much more involved than just choosing someone who’s work you like to come take photos on the day of.

Below, I’ve outlined a few of the things that set me apart and the value that I add:


Experience & Assistance with Logistics

-Wedding Photography is my full time work. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2005 and have worked with many other wedding photographers. I’ve seen, as they say, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Much of which could have been prevented by better planning. As a wedding professional, I believe it is my job to assist as much as possible in this. I’ve taken that knowledge and created a process that helps prevent common problems and enables us to make the most of any situation that unexpectedly arises.

-In advance of the wedding day, I love to be involved in timeline creation.

-We also collaborate to create a custom family photo list so that we’re sure not to miss anyone and that I have a clear understanding of family dynamics. This also helps us photograph family groups quickly and efficiently. And it allows you to not have to think about it on your wedding day.

-I have a strong ability to be in the moment and capture what’s happening while anticipating what’s coming up.

-I’ve developed an eye for “out of place” things. I can re-pin boutonnieres, bustle a dress, and am happy to shove a few more bobby pins in your hair.  This blog post explains a bit more about just a few of the things I’m looking for on a wedding day. Click Here. 


I Play Well with Others

-Your vendor team really is a team on the wedding day. All of your vendors link in and effect each other. If hair and makeup runs late, photos scheduled before the ceremony have to get bumped. Photographers need florals ready on time for formal pictures. And we’re often in close quarters with your videography team as we share time and space while shooting. The photo time we take after the ceremony affects the caterers who are on a timeline to deliver meals hot and ready at a pre-appointed time. I’m very conscious of all of these relationships and consistently deliver on making your day as a whole successful. The planning we do in advance is critical in this regard.

-We’re also approached by bridal party members, family members, and guests many times throughout the day, whether it’s someone asking about our equipment, or requesting a photo, I’m dedicated to creating the work I need to for you while balancing the requests of your loved ones.

-I promise to treat you professionally, and give you the level of care that I would for one of my close friends.



-I am committed to delivering your final product to you in a timely manner. We have never been a single day late in delivering product within the time specified. For weddings, your images are edited and ready for you within one month of the wedding date.


Creating Beautiful Images

Our shooting style includes all of these elements:

Photojournalism: Capturing what actually happens during the whole day. This also includes candids of guests, establishing photos of the property, lighting and ambience as well as detail shots.

Formals: For family photos.

Natural and relaxed guided photos: Of the wedding party and the couple.


Clients who book me to photograph their wedding want images that are bright, clean, and sharp. They want them to be modern yet timeless. They want guidance and direction for some photos, and for me to capture the way it felt to be at their wedding. 

I’m excited to provide all of these things to you. And to make the wedding experience – before, during, and after the wedding – the absolute best. I look forward to hearing more about the two of you, who you are individually and as a couple, your vision for your wedding and how I can best assist you in photographing it for you. Please use the contact page to reach out to me and we’ll begin the collaboration process!