Welcome! We are a boutique wedding photography company located in the heart of downtown San Diego. And we’re thrilled to share images with you from San Diego’s most iconic wedding location and one of our personal all time favorites – The Prado at Balboa Park! We have several galleries for you to browse as well as an interactive map below showing off where in the park we take our photos! We look forward to hearing from you to help you plan photography for your wedding or engagement session!

The Prado at Balboa Park
1549 El Prado, Suite 12
San Diego, CA 92101

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Want to know where in the park certain photos are taken? Where the best spots for potraits are? I’ve created an interactive map! Click a pin below to view photos from all over the park! 

Alcazar Garden

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The Grand Ballroom

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Casa del Rey Moro Garden

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Loggia Room

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Palm Canyon

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MoPA + El Prado

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Organ Pavilion

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Spanish Village

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The Prado Courtyard

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Museum of Man

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Children's Theater

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The Old Globe Theater


The Rose Garden

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Plaza de Panama

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Timken Museum of Art

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The Large Fountain

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If you can get Laura Christin, that’s who you want. She’s the best.

Laura came highly recommended, and for good reason. She’s a phenomenally talented photographer and we were so fortunate that she was available to photograph our wedding.  She’s very professional, meticulous in gathering all the details she needs to get every shot you want, and she’s an exceptionally nice person.  At our wedding, she was flawless–she captured every precious moment and had such a gracious way of getting people together for the various group photos we wanted. Laura helped to make our wedding absolutely perfect, and because of her beautiful photographs, we’ll never forget how magical it was, and how we looked when we first saw each other on that blissful day. I’ll share the recommendation (from Elaine at Sweet Cheeks Bakery) that caused me to call Laura:  ‘If you can get Laura Christin, that’s who you want. She’s the best.”   How right Elaine was!  Thank you, Laura–we couldn’t be happier.

-Lynn G


If Laura is available for your wedding book her NOW!

Laura is amazing!  I could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding.  Our wedding photos are beautiful! She did a spectacular job of capturing all the little details of the wedding; fun photos of the bridal party; and awesome candids of our friends and family throughout our reception.  It was so much fun to relive our wedding a second time through Laura’s photos.  Laura is organized, professional, and fun to be around.  She even got my husband, who HATES pictures, to smile.  She delivered the photos shortly after the wedding as promised and provided an awesome website for viewing and download.  If Laura is available for your wedding book her NOW!

-Caroline S


Please do yourself a favor and stop looking, Laura is the best you will ever find!!!

My brother got married a few years ago, at which point he hired Laura to be his wedding photographer. My entire family is incredibly  lucky he did! Since then every single one of my family members have used Laura for every event that you can think of. From family portraits to my own wedding a few weeks ago she has become our official family photographer. She is professional, hard working, fun, and at this point a part of the family. You will never find a better photographer, ever. Please do yourself a favor and stop looking, Laura is the best you will ever find!!!

-Luke C


Laura was definitely my favorite vendor

My husband and I could not be more happy with the photos Laura took of our wedding. Laura is a very talented photographer and am blown away with the pictures. I am usually uncomfortable in front of a camera and avoid getting my picture taken. Laura knew how to put me at ease in front of the camera, I don’t even remember her taking a majority of the photos in my wedding album! She really captured the moment in every picture and added her own style that I loved. She used the lighting at the venue to capture some remarkable first dance pictures and also took great candid shots of friends and family throughout the night. My pictures were mailed to me less than 2 weeks after my wedding, normally brides don’t get their pictures for months. Laura was definitely my favorite vendor, she is a pleasure to work with, knows what she is doing and does an excellent job.

-Karen K

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