Wendy never told me the exact reason she chose this photo from her engagement session to have displayed at her wedding. But I’m willing to bet that she smiles seeing this particular photo because both she & Lamont are looking out at the big blue pacific, smiling, and genuinely looking forward to the new life they are beginning together. It’s a reflection for her of how far both she and Lamont have come as individuals and symbolic of them starting the next wonderful chapter in their lives as a team.

Lamont is a Pastor and he and Wendy were married in his church. It was a very special experience. Never have I heard applause for the groom’s entrance into the church as well as the bride’s walk down the aisle. Wendy, Lamont, I’m sure you already know this but you are loved so very much by your friends and family. It’s easy to see why. You are both kind, generous and warm people. And so much fun. Thank you for having Gabby and me! I’m so excited for all that life has in store for you together!!

When we saw the text over the entrance to the sanctuary I smiled knowing how true this felt for Wendy. Photo by Gabby:

Wendy performed a surprise Hula dance for Lamont. It was so beautiful and classy:

Right as Wendy finished her dance this beam of light came down on her. It was a beautiful, fleeting moment:

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