Getting the most out of your photography time

If your family is anything like mine, having everyone in one place at the same time is a feat involving lots of planning and air travel. One of the many things that makes your wedding day so special is that everyone comes together. And it’s a perfect time for PHOTOS! 🙂

If you, Bride and Groom, do not plan to see each other prior to the ceremony, we usually do the majority of the family photos right after the ceremony. Then we photograph the wedding party, then the two of you! That way your family and wedding party can enjoy part of the cocktail hour, since we need the two of you for all of the photos anyway.

With a limited amount of time after the ceremony, it’s important to discuss family photos with your photographer. Prior to the wedding day I always get in touch with the bride and groom to find out which family members they would like to be included in the family photo session. Then I make myself a list of those photos in an order that makes sense to photograph them in to save time. Have I mentioned that I love being organized. It actually makes me happy. I know. It’s weird. But, it makes me happy. 🙂

Most of the time this part of the day runs super smoothly. Then of course there are those few times when no one can find Uncle Bob (I know exactly where he is – cocktail hour) and we really want him to be in our next photograph.. so we are waiting. Uncle Bob isn’t in a huge hurry (he’s enjoying a mojito) and likely doesn’t realize that finding him is eating up our hour of photography, which ultimately affects not only the family photos but also the wedding party photos and the photos of just you & your spouse.

Which leads me to my next tip!

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to be involved in family photos, kindly shoot them an email or give them a note card at the rehearsal telling them when and where to be for family photos. You can even explain to them that you will be doing lots of other photos within that cocktail hour after family shots so in order to get the best photos possible, it’s really important for them to be ready on time. You can tell them your photographer said so 😉

The truth of the matter is, the photography always works out. We always get fabulous shots, and we always smile through the search for Uncle Bob because enjoying the day is just as important as anything else! I’m just a firm believer in planning ahead to make the most of all of the time we have. Here’s a sneak peak of the beautiful Denise and her mother during family photos last weekend:

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