It began with a halloween party. Tina couldn’t help but think of a giant rat as Matt talked to her with his huge Wyatt Earp mustache. Tina didn’t think too much of their first encounter. She couldn’t see past the rat. So fate would have it that they’d meet again. This time without costumes. They ran into each other at a coffee shop not remembering that they had actually met once before at a halloween party. Matt looked different without the mustache. They chatted and learned they had a lot in common. Mutual friends, a love for the outdoors, Triathlon, food, and travel. So they dated and fate brought them closer still. On June 26th Tina and Matt woke up early and ran a triathlon together. On their wedding day. But that’s just them. And there’s nothing better than staying true to you especially on your wedding day. Afterwards, they were married at the beautiful Prado at Balboa Park.


Many thanks to Julie Scrivner with The Best Wedding For You and her husband, Mick with Elite British DJ for such a smooth-sailing day as usual when it comes to working with them. The Prado staff is amazing and they run a seamless event, thank you. A big big thank you to my fabulous second shooter, Eddie. Who rocked it out as always. Also to Lynne + JT as well as my friend Angela for the rave reviews about my photography to Tina and Matt. And of course THANK YOU to Tina + Matt for trusting me to document your day, help with other random wedding-related details, and for the new friendship. I’m grateful that fate brought you to me as well.


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