We were sooo lucky! A huge storm was on it’s way to San Diego on Molly and Cliff’s wedding day. So they decided to start the wedding earlier in the day since their guests were all staying on the property and were comprised of their immediate families only. The wind was a little crazy, and the clouds looked ominous but Molly and Cliff were calm and relaxed, enjoying the moments of their day with each other and their families. Not a drop of rain touched us during photos or the ceremony. It rolled in late that night while everyone was tucked away while the waves crashed along the shoreline in Ocean Beach, California.

Molly, Cliff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be there with you while you committed yourselves officially to each other. I feel blessed to have met the two of you and your wonderful families. And I hope these photographs bring you fond memories of your wedding and a stormy, beautiful day.



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