As the sun dipped behind a few thin clouds, and two seagulls coasted  past the balcony’s edge behind them under the largest expanse of sky, Stefan reached out to Melissa, bridging the small gap between them once and for all. He began his vows there, on the rooftop overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on ground that feels like the beginning or the very edge of the earth, “If I were to sum up my love for you in one sentence it would be six words long.  You mean the world to me.” And so this day is the very beginning.



The day was filled with laughter and sunshine and an unbelievable view thanks to Joy and her team at La Jolla Cove Suites. I highly recommend you check them out if you’re interested in a rooftop wedding with an incredible ocean view! The staff was friendly and organized. The very talented Deborah Young designed and officiated a gorgeous ceremony with Stefan and Melissa. She’s one of my favorites here in San Diego! Melissa, Stefan, Congrats to you both! I’m excited to see what’s next in your lives!


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