Lynne was a bridesmaid.  Her college roommate Lizzy was getting married in Minnesota, so Lynne made the trip down from Canada a week before Lizzy’s wedding to relax and spend time with her good friend before the wedding.  She met Lizzy’s extended family when they all ventured out to the county fair together.  Lynne was polite, even to the cousin who kept following her around all day trying his best to get her attention.  The one who then began popping up all week.  Lynne realized he was actually pretty funny, and smart, and athletic.  And quickly grew on her.

But reality is just our perspective.  And if you were to ask JT he would tell you that Lynne stalked him most of the day at the fair.  He was really just interested in the food there.  And that after the rehearsal dinner when he asked her, (and twisted her arm) to go for a canoe ride beneath a starry sky, he was just helping Lizzy entertain her friends. 😉

A few months later Lynne packed up her life and moved to San Diego.  And seven years later, on October 2, 2010 they were married.


At the reception I like to go around to tables and get a few snapshots of guests together.  I usually ask them if they’d like to do a group shot or stay in their chairs and take a quick photo with their date or friend they’re sitting next to.  This table cracked me up.  Especially the guy who’s date was the wall.

I have to include these cake cutting pictures and applaud you, Lynne for your moves.  Most people run backwards when they are hit in the face with cake in this manner.  I love how you grabbed JT’s wrist to protect yourself from any more cake going up your nose and went right back after him (and got a good amount of cake down his back as well).  Kudos!

And a big thank you to my friend Angela, for passing my name along to Lynne when she was hitting a dead-end searching for a wedding photographer.  Thanks Angela!

Lynne, JT, thank you for sharing your time with me on your wedding day.  You’ve accomplished so much together personally and professionally and I’m honored to have had a glimpse into your lives.  You are inspiring and I wish you all the best!

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