Lauren and Paul. I blogged about their engagement session and how much I love how much they love each other here. After their wedding, I just love them more. They take such good care of each other. And they are excellent at laughing together. (And making everyone else around them happy) And I’m fairly certain they came from two of the best families on the planet. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding planning process and their lives to get to experience that. And it has also been an honor to have been chosen by Paul who is a talented artist and photographer in his own right, and by Lauren who’d probably rather go through several forms of torture than be photographed. I’m honored by the compliment of Paul choosing me, and I’d like to think that Lauren found her inner model. Lauren, you are absolutely stunning.

I hope you had an amazing drive up north. I’m so excited for you to be moving in to your first home together with all of the promise that awaits your new life in San Fran. And I am grateful to you both for the blessings you have offered me through getting to know you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for including me in your lives.

And thank you to my awesome second shooter, Cole!