When Kate & Ben met, you might hear the story that Kate had unknowingly crashed his birthday party.  But he was lucky for it.

As they started dating, Ben would leave gifts and small tokens of his affection for Kate on her doorstep.  Her neighbors, not noticing the gifts, were leary of this stranger lurking around Kate’s house.  They watched him.  He came several times.  But once the neighbors learned of Kate & Ben’s courtship, and the gift giving they cheered him on.  She was lucky to have met Ben.  But more than lucky, she is deserving of his kindness.

I’ve never seen two people any happier to be near each other.  The rain and the subsequent changes made to the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception seemed a mere blip on their happiness radar.  If there was any lamenting about it, it didn’t happen on the wedding day.  The joy that this was the day was so sincere.  All of the other details paled in comparison.  In fact, I wouldn’t even mention the rain except I feel the need to be grateful for those 20 minutes it stopped downpouring and switched to a light drizzle so we could walk the beautiful grounds of the Los Penasquitos Ranch House and snap Kate & Ben’s photographs together.  We were lucky.

Kate & Ben spent a ton of time hand making the wedding decor and details:


Can’t get enough of these gorgeous, unique florals by Adina Onda of Simply Adina:


The swing that Ben made for Kate:


Nicole Glenn came along last minute to help out since we were anticipating some crazy windy wet weather.  She manned the umbrellas but also snapped some gorgeous shots like this one:


Another beautiful shot by Nicole on the left:


Kate made this stained glass piece specifically for their wedding ceremony.  Kate, you’re amazing.


The ceremony was touching, funny, and possibly even more intimate for having had to be held indoors in closer quarters:


The band who kept the happy mood of the day floating along – Zzymzzy Quartet:


At each reception table was a picnic basket filled with cheese, crackers, baquettes, olives, and more goodies for the table to share.  It was such a cute idea!  Catering by Whole Foods.


That, So-Cal folks, is rain, not camera noise.  But it was the kind of rain that makes you snuggle up a little closer.  The kind you wouldn’t have hoped for but when it comes makes the world seem like a smaller, more intimate place.


Ben’s family traveled all the way from New Zealand.  Here’s his Dad cracking everyone up with his toast:


This beautiful cake display was by Elizabethan Desserts:



Erin will probably kill me for posting this one.  But it’s worth it because it’s important to show you.  Erin, with Behind the Bride coordinated Kate & Ben’s wedding and was so wonderful.  Here she is, hair plastered to her head from the deluge of rain, working hard, soaked to the bone, but smiling.  That’s Erin.  Thank you for all of your help.  You were fantastic, as always.  And your kindness and professionalism is much appreciated.  Brides!  Check her out.  I can’t say enough good things about Erin.



Kate and I met through business several years ago and over the years we’ve become friends.  It was an amazing experience to watch the two of you from behind my camera.  Kate, it was such a joy to see you and Ben interact.  The love you show for each other is astounding and I know it will take you far.  Ben, thank you for loving my friend so much.  She’s lucky.  And as you know, so deserving of it.

The Vendors:

Coordination: Erin, Behind the Bride

Florals: Adina Onda, Simply Adina

Band: Zzymzzy Quartet

Caterer: Whole Foods>

Rentals / Linens: Classic Party Rentals

Officiant: Todd Gloria

Venue: Los Penasquitos Ranch House in the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve

Photography: Laura Christin Photography

Cake: Elizabethan Desserts

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