A lot of photographers will tell you that editing wedding photos can be a long and tedious project. It can be. But I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was editing Jeanne and Steve’s wedding photos. Their wedding was beautiful as it unfolded and easy to appreciate as it occurred. But I actually enjoyed it more the second time around – during the edit – because I could start back at the beginning of the day with my heart full of all of the beautiful things that Jeanne and Steve’s friends and family had to say about them during toasts. Of how proud they are of your accomplishments in life. ¬†Of the joy they have in their hearts being a part of your lives. Their appreciation of what wonderful people you are and how fulfilling it was to see you come together. I really felt that about the two of you, hence, my random outburst while we were taking pictures that I love you two together. I meant it. I am so thrilled for you both and I’m grateful to you and your fabulous families for including me in the festivities. Thank you!


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