Jeane planned the wedding in just two short months while Jason was deployed. She ran from appointment to appointment and while there must have been times she just wanted to sit down and scream, it never showed. She was energetic and funny and kind throughout the whole whirlwind of planning. Even when a wrench was thrown at her, she took it with stride and was gracious. She even had everything monogrammed and personalized. So much care went into this wedding you would have never guessed by seeing it that Jeane didn’t have a year to plan. When Jason stepped off the plane just a couple short weeks before the date he was immersed in wedding. It was such a joy to see you two together sharing in what you worked so hard for. I hope that you found time throughout the day to soak it in. I know that it flew by. I wish you both that same grace and happiness I saw in the whirlwind that is life, too, for the rest of your lives. Thank you for teaching me so much.


The day started off with gorgeous views from Se San Diego:

And for Jason, with a love note from Jeane:

Jeane and Jason opted for a first look, meaning they saw each other prior to the ceremony. I LOVE Jason’s expression:

After a few portraits around the hotel it was off to the beautiful MCRD (Marine Corp Recruit Depot) here in San Diego:

MCRD is located right next to the San Diego airport:

Jeane and Jason are good kissers. They impressed the officiant who sees plenty of kisses:

I adore the way that Jason comforts Jeane:

Sorry, Jason. I just had to end with this one. I LOVE IT!


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