He was frustrated and didn’t know what to do except he had to leave Jane’s house. After a few weeks of getting to know her during a training seminar at their work and falling for her, Nick found himself at her house after a night out with friends. Everyone was back at Jane’s chatting and hanging out. And some guy was hitting on Jane. Obviously. And it hurt him. Jane noticed Nick leaving because she didn’t want him to go. She wasn’t interested in the other guy and didn’t know Nick had feelings for her even though she hoped he did. She followed Nick outside to ask him why he was leaving and hopefully to make him stay. He looked her square in the eye and said, I don’t know why you think I want to be your friend. Because I have absolutely no interest in being your friend.

And then he kissed her for the first time.

They shared another kiss this month. Their first as husband and wife. And I’m so honored to have been there to document it.

We took his bag of gummy worms away from him to try to get a photo. Fail:

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