Emily and Brian met in high school and weathered many life changes together as they’ve graduated and created their adult lives side by side. They met for the first time through mutual friends at a football game. There were sparks immediately but amidst the bustle of everyone around them, they didn’t make any plans for the future. But their paths continued to cross and Brian humorously and nervously asked Emily out, not long after that game, by approaching her at school and saying So I heard you like me. She laughed. She did like him. Over time, that like grew to love.

I personally believe that true love is not a feeling that you have but rather actions you take with mindfulness of another person. It was so incredibly evident that Emily and Brian love each other. Both in feeling and in action. I wish you both a long and happy life together. <3


I thought this was adorable. The bridesmaids organized this and texted a photo over to Brian before the ceremony.