The morning started off with friends and family everywhere, scrambling around, getting organized, setting up decor, steaming dresses, in a flurry excitement and nerves to make the day perfect for Danielle and Mark. Whether Danielle felt the pressure from the whirlwind around her, I can’t be sure; She seemed so calm and relaxed, poised and balanced. And as soon as the carriage pulled around from the side of the mansion, and I saw the look on Mark’s face it clicked for me. They were both able to stay calm because they knew that as soon as this moment came, everything was going to be okay. The day couldn’t not be perfect.

The day was filled with touching moments. Memories and gifts passed down from Danielle’s mother, and her mother’s mother, as well as traditions from Mark’s parents were gifted to the couple. Danielle’s father sang to the couple, and her step-father shared a carriage ride with her, and a father daughter dance. Thank you for making us feel like family, too and sharing your day with us.

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Special thank you to Kiyoko with Cherry Blossom Floral Designs for the gorgeous bouquets, but also for recommending us to the family!

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