From: m h

Subject: Re: Hastings / Haririe Wedding

Date: April 22, 2011 11:42:48 PM PDT



Hi again!

I do not see us needing your professional services past 8:30.  The only things left to do after 8:30, i think, would be garter and bouquet toss, and then a little bit of final dancing.  By no means do you have to leave at 8:30. You are more than welcome to stick around as a guest and join in on the festivities, even have a drink or three with us.

I believe Brit sent you an email regarding the limo / ride situation. I will sit that one out and let you ladies figure it out.  If it’s up to me I don’t care if you ride to the restaurant with us one way or another. No offense, but I probably wouldn’t even notice the president if he were sitting next to us 😉  ^^


This email made me laugh and swoon all at once.  When Mike sent it, we were trying to figure out what made most sense to maximize the time we had for photographs but also get to three separate locations efficiently. It seemed to make most sense for me to ride from the hotel where we did dressing photos to the ceremony site with the girls but that meant I’d be heading to the reception with Britt + Mike in their limo. I was concerned about intruding on basically the only time they’d have alone all day.  Mike’s response sums up so much about them. They’re kind and funny and generous and SO IN LOVE! I met Britt years ago when she was Maid of Honor for my good friend, Angela, who’s wedding I also photographed (Hi, Angela! Love you!). I’m honored that Britt kept me in the back of her mind all of these years so I could be there to document her own wedding. Thank you so so much for welcoming me into your lives as a friend. I’ve enjoyed all of the funny emails we’ve swapped and could truly photograph your wedding every weekend. You two are amazing.


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