Avril had just moved into her new apartment in DC. Her dog was the first to break the ice when they spotted Aaron. Aaron made small talk with Avril while he greeted her dog and they went their separate ways that day. But they kept running into each other. Since Avril didn’t have the internet hooked up yet in her unit, she’d frequent the business center where she found Aaron often. So she continued to go to the business center, even once her internet was hooked up. To “use the internet”. Aaron was always happy to see Avril walk in. One of those days they exchanged contact information; She gave him her business card and shortly thereafter he had gourmet dog treats sent to her work. They had thoughtful kind exchanges like that. Avril would leave cookies for Aaron on his doorstep. Dates followed. And last year at Christmastime they were engaged.

Avril, Aaron, I adore you both. And your wedding was so beautiful, touching, and full of really funny moments. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for choosing me to photograph your wedding day and trusting me with taking your pictures. I am in love with your photos and I hope you are, too:


I love this random moment when Avril’s dad saw her for the first time!

I also love this series. It was the very end of the ceremony. Their Rabbi had hinted that it was the end by saying, “With the power vested in me I do pronounce you husband and wife.” We were all waiting for them to kiss! And they were anxiously awaiting his instruction to kiss as well. But before he did he started talking about something else. I love Avril and Aaron’s anticipation:

Priceless. When you have no idea where one of your best friends is going to take his speech:

Another great moment was when Avril’s dad surprised her by singing the first half of their father / daughter dance song. She clearly had no idea, but it looks like Aaron knew!

Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking

Flowers by Third Bloom

Venue and Keeping Everything Running Smoothly: Estancia La Jolla, Adrienne

Amazing DJ: Effron with Tim Altbaum Productions

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