There was a quiet morning with the girls and mom. Champagne. A limo ride to the ceremony where Cisco, already at the alter, tried to wait to look at Ashlie until she had arrived at the beginning of the aisle. He first turned his back towards the limo seemingly in a gesture of respect for Ashlie’s privacy as she climbed out and arranged her dress. But he couldn’t wait to see her so he turned back and watched his wife-to-be look so happy and relaxed as she laughed and chatted with her father and best friends.

Later on, at the reception, as Ashlie danced with her father he quietly asked her if she was happy. I couldn’t hear Ashlie’s response, but she hugged her father and I’m sure that she assured him that she was. Cisco is always there, making sure she’s happy.




Thank you both for making me feel like an old friend instantly. I will miss having you guys come by the studio to chat so be sure to stay in touch. All the best as you start your marriage!

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