10/11/12 was a lucky day indeed. It absolutely downpoured in the morning. But the sun came out for Amanda’s arrival at her wedding venue and stayed out through the ceremony and photos following the ceremony. It was warm and beautiful out!  As everyone sat down to dinner the clouds rolled back in and while a big happy group of family and friends were mingling and rocking out on the dance floor, it started pouring rain again. No one minded. Everyone was tucked inside where it was warm and dry. And then, as luck would have it, it stopped raining just in time for Amanda and Aaron’s sparkler grand exit from the venue! A lucky day indeed. I’m so glad that you were both lucky enough to find each other. Lucky enough to have amazing families and friends, and lucky to have such a gorgeous wedding day. I’m wishing you both all of the best in luck and life going forward. 🙂 xo


Amanda and Aaron did not see each other before the ceremony. But they each wrote letters to each other, which they exchanged around Amanda’s dressing room door prior to the ceremony.