Allison and Kolby have this love that’s so big it surrounds them and emanates outward. When you’re in their presence you can’t help but feel it. They have the kind of love that people dream about. They’re an incredible team and what really strikes me is how present they are with each other when they are together. They have this incredible ability to be so in tune to each other while simultaneously making everyone around them feel so special, loved, and important. They make each other laugh big and you can tell their love is only growing. With that kind of love and support you know the sky’s the limit for whatever you want to achieve in life. Allison, Kolby, I’m so happy that you two found each other. And I’m so grateful that you found and chose me to document this time in your lives. What you have is such a rare and special thing and I loved every minute of being in your presence. Thank you for inspiring me.