It was the place she called home for so long. Adrienne’s family bustled around the home setting up tables and market lights, chairs, and planter boxes, dressing it up for the wedding. Champagne was poured as shared as guests trickled in. The DJ was set. The food truck was in place and prepping what turned out to be an amazing meal. Adrienne’s son, Derek, checked his signs pointing guests towards the ceremony site. And no one could help but notice her father’s hard work in the garden that paid off with a beautiful ceremony and reception backdrop. The day flowed easily. Adrienne’s aunt performed their ceremony, cheerfully blessing them and sending them off into the world as a married couple. During the reception the kiddos ran amuck through the orchard, snapping pictures and making cameos on the dance floor. Adrienne and Jason’s guests (who hailed from all over the world) mingled and laughed and enjoyed the transition from a gorgeous warm spring day to an evening under the stars. And now they are family. Adrienne and Jason. And together they’re creating a new beautiful family and home.