Kosta’s mom spent the month of October here in San Diego with us. As you know, I was beyond nervous to meet her. I’m still sort of amazed I didn’t blurt out, Hi! I’m Laura! I’m head over heels in love with your son. Please, Dear God, let me be good enough for you! when I met her. Her connecting flight from Los Angeles landed on the tarmac at the commuter airport. I stood there clinging to my purse watching each person dismount from the plane, trying to pick her out. I hadn’t seen a picture of her. Or talked to her on the phone. I had sent a few cards to Australia but that was it. And then we spotted her. She was carrying a cane, dressed all in black, and although she was pretty far away, she didn’t look particularly happy.¬†She was the last person to climb down the ladder they rolled over to the tiny plane. As she got closer and caught sight of Kosta a spark ignited inside her. She just grinned as she walked the last 20 feet or so through the area that we were not allowed to enter. They hugged. Then I reached out to hug her. Instead of blurting out my undying love for her son, I said Welcome to San Diego, we’re so glad to have you here. in her ear. She smiled wide at me and thanked me. The rest was easy.

Exactly 5 days into our visit, as my Greek brother-in-law predicted, Kosta and his mother were at dinner alone while I was out on a photo shoot. She asked him why he hadn’t proposed to me yet. She balked at him and asked him if he honestly thought he would ever find a better girl? When Kosta told me the story as we lay in bed that night I laughed and let out a deep breath. I was good enough for Mom.