I have been wanting to meet her for years.

This morning Kitty and I curled up on the couch next to Kosta in an attempt to wake up and he reported that she had bought her plane ticket.  Kosta’s mom is making the 15 hour flight from Melbourne, Australia to come visit us in a week and a half.  Really!??! In my excitement I started planning our month long first meeting in my head.  I’d take her to Balboa Park, the La Jolla Cove, the Farmers Markets of course.  Then the worrying started.  I hope she laughs at my jokes.  Does she drink coffee or tea?  Is it possible to learn Greek in a week and a half?  (Kosta’s parents were born in Greece and immigrated to Australia as a young couple.  Kosta and his brothers were born and raised in Australia but speak Greek fluently.)  Back to worrying.  Can I train Kitty not to hiss and growl and be mean in general?  What will I use as my closet/dumping ground when she’s using the guest room bed?  Will she like our house?  Will she like San Diego?  Will she like me?

Oh Mrs. Houdalakis, I know you aren’t reading this but I am so thrilled and excited and kind of extremely nervous to meet you.  I hear you are talkative which is great news.  I do hope that someone warns you that I will likely hug you immediately.  Your son is my best friend, confidant, and backbone when mine goes all wobbly.  He laughs at my jokes.  He is strong and straight forward while still being thoughtful, smart, and loyal.  I admire him more than I know how to put into words.  You must be so proud of him.  And I hope you find me deserving of his affection.  And are able to overlook a little dust here and there..

Wish me luck, folks!

And because a blog post is always better with a photo, here’s one of me & Kosta (far right) on the night we met.  Thierry from Opera Patisserie is on the left.