– I am afraid of heights but have been the ringleader of a skydiving trip and two bungee jumps.

– I am always down for a random last minute trip to Vegas. My dancing shoes are already packed.

– I left a part of my heart in New Zealand.

– I am a middle child. (it explains a lot)

– A lot of the time, my job scares me. And I’m okay with that.

– Before I met my foodie husband, Kosta, I ate lean cuisine frozen lunches, boxed macaroni and cheese and corndogs all the time (I continued to eat boxed mac n cheese after we met but just hid the box lower in the trash can to avoid being side-eyed. You’re welcome for that awesome tip.)

– I like rooting for the underdog.

– My favorite television shows are The Bachelor, Chopped on Food Network and NFL Football (Fly, Eagles, Fly!)

– I’m 30 this year.

– Kitty, our 16 year old cat goes with us on vacations. She’s a great traveler. And I guess that makes us those people.

– I am obsessed with books. If I’m grumpy my husband knows to suggest food, a trip to The Container Store or a new book.

– I also love jigsaw puzzles, Bananagrams, and would love to learn how to knit.

– I realize how un-cool this makes me sound.

– I don’t like fruit and will not eat it. Wine is the obvious exception.

– I have to remind myself during yoga that being jealous of the girl who can do crazy-amazing yoga moves is not very zen of me.

– I took my first photography class in high school. I signed up for it because I knew I’d be able to wander the halls.

– I play loud dance club music while I clean the house. Sorry, neighbors!

– I (not so) secretly would love to be a postal delivery person because I like going on walks and cheerfully greeting neighbors – it’s an obvious career choice for me.

– I take what I do very seriously. Myself- not so much.