28 years ago today I was lucky.

I am blessed in ways I doubt this blog post will do justice. I am blessed with parents who read to me every night, coached my little league team, and taught me to stick up for myself. I was taught kindness by example. I learned to be proud of my achievements and always hold them close to my heart when I doubted myself. I was taught to persevere. I learned that corndogs and macaroni and cheese are not staple food groups, although that lesson did take several years. My family taught me how to fly away and create a life on my own.

I want you all to know that today while I celebrate my birthday, I am most grateful for you.

We are now spread across Maryland, Florida, and California. I miss you all, every single day, terribly. But I am a strong, self-sufficient, driven, and proud woman. Thank you for all of these things and so much more.

And of course, Happy Birthday to me 😉

From left, My mama, me, my brother Kevin, my sister Jenny, and my Dad, (my Papa to whom I am his Fievel)