It was dark when I woke up this morning.  A cold rush of air rustled the window blinds as I slipped out of bed.  I padded across the chilly slate floor – barefoot – into my office and started getting organized for the day ahead.  It felt like fall.  When I wake up extra early I always feel like I’m cheating – in a good way.  While everyone else is asleep I’m getting a head start on the work I want to accomplish for the day. Still in my pajamas, I checked my email and made breakfast.  Then Kosta, who wakes up the earliest, called to ask if I could take some photos for him today so I agreed and showered while figuring out what to wear.  I decided on jeans and a sweater.  I actually started putting on socks (and I can’t stand wearing socks) because my feet were that cold.  And that’s when it hit me.  It’s the first day of fall!  (Or tomorrow is..) and if I have to wear socks you bet I’m dusting off my Uggs.  Even if they’re anticipating high 80s for this weekend’s weather.  Even if I can only wear them today.

Happy first day of Autumn!