So in case you didn’t know, Kosta and I are really funny.  And sneaky.  We like to cook up surprises, snicker to ourselves and high five.  Our very good friend Michael celebrated his birthday last week.  So naturally, we told him we were busy on his birthday but we’d try to catch up with him the following week then planned a beautiful dinner at the Sky Room atop the La Valencia hotel in La Jolla for his birthday night with the help of his wife Elaine.  Kosta and I arrived early, not knowing exactly how our surprise would go down.  Luckily, the staff are amazing and just as funny as we are and suggested we wear their coats, hide around the bar, and approach their table and serve them when they sat down.  LOVED IT.  (unfortunately my coat didn’t make it to me in time and Michael saw us approaching in the mirror but as you can see we are still very funny.)

The view from the outdoor patio at the restaurant:

Michael’s wife, Elaine, is one of the very talented ladies behind Sweet Cheeks Baking Company and made Michael this gorgeous and super yummy birthday cake. (I ate two pieces.)  Her gift to him was a hot air balloon ride.

Our meal was fabulous and the service was impeccable.  All four of us are rather picky about food, wine, and service and we highly recommend this restaurant.  Thanks to our friends Jaime & Annette for recommending it to us.

Michael & Elaine, we love you guys.  You are like family to us.  You are amazing friends and we feel so lucky to have you both in our lives.  Here’s to many more birthdays celebrated together and lots more sneaky & funny moments.