Megan has this laugh. Once you’ve seen it, you will always smile when you think of her. I couldn’t help but grin through editing their entire photo session. She’s the kind of girl you just want to be around. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more kind than she is. And Jason encourages her and strengthens her. Just trust me he told her while he helped her climb a rock face at Wind an Sea that she was concerned about. She didn’t think she could do it. But with Jason’s help it was easy. They are fun and silly together but what struck me the most was how kind they both are. Unfortunately, Megan and Jason were both sick this week and during our photo shoot. Talking with both of them separately, Megan said she was sick but was really concerned about how Jason felt. And Jason told me he was sick but fine and that Megan was probably feeling worse and he was worried about her. I think with that level of caring and concern for the other person in your relationship you will always stay strong.

So you will notice this shoot likes like two different days at the beach! We were a little less than halfway through our photo shoot at Wind an Sea and were about to head back to the car to switch outfits when it hit us. The wall of fog was massive and approaching from the horizon line. It literally came onto us turning a sunny day mysteriously foggy in a few short minutes. I had never seen anything like it! We kept going, and skipped going back to the car in case it got really dense so we could squeeze more images in, and I think it created some really cool pictures!