Liz and Sean met during their freshman year of college. While at first it didn’t seem like the most opportune time to fall in love, they did. There are some things that you just can’t stop from happening. So while they both grew on their own in college, they stayed along the same path together. And now with the excitement of graduation and the stress of finding work behind them, they are planning their wedding here in San Diego this winter.

Liz, Sean, thank you so much for making the 9-hour trek down to San Diego to meet with me. I am so grateful that you were both up for taking photos wherever, hazarding train tracks and gross lifeguard stands. Liz, you felt like an old friend immediately. Thank you both for your sincere interest in me, my work, and my life. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you! And of course seeing you again in February.


Del-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosLiz talks with her hands:Del-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-PhotosDel-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-Photos Del-Mar-Beach-SeaGrove-Park-L'Auberge-Engagement-Photos