We so lucked out on weather this weekend! Lindsey and Chris and I decided to meet at 9 am on Sunday because it’s a beautiful time of day to shoot and also happened to work out with the Broncos schedule for Chris! (Bonus points for all of you who understand the football reference photo in this post! Chris, Lindsey, you’ll just have to look like weirdos to everyone who doesn’t get it 😉 ) The clouds and a little rain rolled in later in the afternoon but by then it didn’t matter.

I hadn’t seen Lindsey and Chris in a while so it was really nice to get to catch up and walk the park and chat about what’s new in life. What I love about my job is getting to meet people who I would definitely be friends with outside of it. Lindsey and Chris are super laid back, fun, smart, and athletic. I had a lot of fun getting to hang with you guys. Thank you. 🙂 Here are my favorites:

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