Lauren & Paul To Do By December:

-Plan a wedding
Shoot Engagement Photos
-Move Paul to San Francisco
-Start a New Job
-Get Married (yay!)
-Move Lauren to San Francisco
-Adjust to Living Together for the First Time in a New City
-Live Happily Ever After

I love Lauren and Paul for a million reasons. And I know they can knock out this sort of overwhelming to do list because they are such a good team. Lauren wants to show up on their wedding day and get married. Period. She wants their friends and family there as they celebrate their marriage. I love her focus on what the day is about. Lauren was admittedly nervous about photography in general and I love how Paul knew that I was the right photographer because of how I was able to help Lauren feel comfortable when we talked on the phone for the first time. Paul has this almost silent ability to anticipate Lauren’s concerns and needs and face them head on while remaining calm and keeping her laughing at his crazy antics. And Lauren’s a wonderful down to earth support system for Paul and his upcoming move and new job. I admire you both and I’m grateful to be on this wedding planning journey with you. I’m so excited to hear about what the future holds for you together. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this!

Oh and:
-Eat More Pizza!


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