I absolutely adore it when people choose a spot for their engagement photos that reflects who they are. Jeanne and Steve chose the San Diego Zoo because it’s where they went on their first date. We had so much fun walking around the park together, laughing at the silly things animals do, and getting lost in search of hippos. Oh, and we rode the the sky-tram 1,000 times while trying to figure out if “if a Sky-tram leaves point A and another leaves point B at the same time, they will cross..” 🙂 Afterwards we headed to a local library because Jeanne and Steve both love books so much. (We were meant for each other, guys!) And we couldn’t stop laughing there either. Except we had to laugh a lot more quietly. But seriously, I almost lost it completely when Steve chose the book, “How to Argue and Win Every Time” for Jeanne to hold. Thank you both for such a fun day. Steve, I love the way you look at Jeanne with so much love. And Jeanne, you absolutely have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I think I forgot to tell you that because I was laughing all day.

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