I’m asked about what to wear to engagement sessions frequently. So I thought a blog post was in order! I think the most important thing to remember is that your outfit should be a reflection of you. If you don’t dress up or go to the beach ever let’s not choose a dressy outfit and shoot at the beach. Just like your wedding, your engagement session doesn’t have to be done they way everyone else does it. Keep it real and honest to you and your relationship and the images will hold more meaning for you.


What works:

Color! Patterns! Jewelry! Accessories! Throw out the idea that your outfit should be plain, neutral colors and identical to your partner. The suggestion to wear neutrals came from headshot photography. You didn’t want the small amount of a crazy patterned outfit showing in the photo to distract people from remembering your face when auditioning for a theater role or at a job interview. But bright color and accessories add a great pop of color to engagement photos and liven them up.

Flattering outfits. This one sounds sort of obvious but it bears repeating: Wear something that you feel fabulous in! If you don’t like how your arms look but love your tank top dress, wear a little sweater over top of it. If you feel confident in your outfit it will show in the way you carry yourself at the shoot and the way the images come out. Choose that go-to outfit that you love and feel fantastic in.

You can wear your make up heavier than you normally would. It doesn’t show as much in photos. If it fits your personality, I highly recommend professional hair and makeup.

-When you style your hair remember the beach is almost always windy. If you prefer to wear your hair down, maybe bring a small brush and clip or bobby pins in case we need to pin a little part of it back if it’s windy.

-For more variety in the photos choose a second outfit to switch into half way through. Or change accessories like a little sweater, scarf, hat, jewelry as we go to mix it up.


What to avoid:

Identical matching outfits

Clothing that needs to be “just so” for example if it shifts even just a little bit your bra straps will show (if that bugs you) or an outfit that can only be photographed from the front because you don’t like the back. etc. We shoot a ton of different angles and shoot while we’re on the move to capture great moments in between planned photos.


I love Valarie and Jonathan’s choice for their urban engagement session:

And something a bit more neutral but with great color is Christina’s choice of this blue dress for their beach engagement session:

Happy Shopping!