What allows me to capture so many amazing moments with my camera is that I. don’t. stop. taking. photos.

When I first started taking photographs I calculated my shots. I was poised and ready for the first kiss at the altar: watching, waiting to push the shutter open at the exact precise moment the couple’s lips touched. Somewhere along the way I had an “aha moment” and now I come home from a typical wedding with 3,000+ images to edit down to about 700. But I couldn’t be happier.

I realized that the first kiss is important, but it’s the moment right before and the moment right after the kiss that is so special. It’s all the little moments in the day that you never knew I captured. Maybe you don’t even really remember all of them happening because you were so caught up in the moment. That’s the way it should be.

I think I actually squealed and did a little dance in the sand when Kristy said (to Kevin’s surprise) that she wanted to roll around in the water and make out as their final engagement photo shot.

Here’s the shot that Kristy wanted:

But, because of trigger-happy me, here is the sequence.. from Kristy convincing Kevin that their 3 hour drive to Big Bear Lake RIGHT after our shoot wouldn’t be so bad because they had a change of clothes with them, to some hysterical water-up-the-nose out takes, and lastly, my favorite shot.. the moment in between photographs.

the moment:

This photo has more meaning than our original intended image. It’s funny and touching, intimate, silly, and sweet all at once. It’s them truly interacting. It’s a moment in between our planned photographs.. and I’m in love with it.

P.S. Kristy – you are so much fun and absolutely hysterical. And Kevin – you are such a good sport. That’s LOVE, folks!

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