Ellie + Max | Coronado Community Center Wedding

Max’s grandmother stood under the ceremony arch that Ellie’s father made by hand. As the ceremony processional brought Ellie and Max together underneath that arch, they were quite literally and energetically surrounded by so much love from their families. Grandma’s...

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Carol + Tony | Intimate Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding

As dear long-time friends and family passed the microphone around the table, the sun dipped below the horizon line, lights began to twinkle on in the garden around them, and the magic of evening time set in. These loved ones regaled their close-knit audience with...

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Laura + Blaine | Willow Creek Ranch Wedding Photos

They were lost in each other. It was like nothing existed except that dance floor beneath their feet. Still holding on to each other as they spun apart, their momentum bringing them back in together. The sun was slowly yet steadily going down beyond the mountains in...

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Elena + Geoff | Bali Hai San Diego Wedding Photos

Elena and Geoff’s love spans across a decade and beyond. What started as a friendship in college grew into love. And their love and commitment to their relationship has spanned across so many changes in their lives. This summer, they were married at the gorgeous...

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Erica + Conor | Private Estate Wedding Photos

As Erica’s bridesmaids flurried around the room putting finishing touches on getting ready, Erica took a few deep breaths to calm her anticipation. She was about to walk down the aisle and join her life to Conor’s. The man who has always been there for her...

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I'm Laura Christin, 35 year old wedding photographer, yogi, paddle boarder, die-hard football fan, and user of too many exclamation points!

Nearly a decade ago, after years of education and working for other photographers, I started my business at my kitchen table with a laptop, a camera and a big heart - overthinking everything.

Since then I've created an amazing career, photographed hundreds of weddings, been published locally and internationally, and have spoken as an expert in wedding photography education. I still over think everything.

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San Diego, California 92101